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We are definitely not your typical Tax Preparation Company.

smiling manWe are community-based in our integration and we participate directly in the development of local communities. We are socially responsible in our rewards and kickbacks and are heavily involved in youth and educational programs. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to every customer and we have the fastest, friendliest and most effective service in the industry, having our customers walk away feeling great about our organization.

Why Choose Us?
Our goal is to always exceed customer expectations and to help assist families and better their lives. PTR participates and contributes to many community-oriented organizations and churches.

Income Tax Courses

Most Americans have to pay taxes, which makes tax preparation a great career option. If you’ve never done a tax return before or if you’re a veteran with years of tax prep experience, our Income Tax Courses are excellent opportunities for you to learn the basics about taxes or increase your expertise. But best of all, you’ll be able to earn extra income while helping your friends and members of your community.

Courses are available online or in person to suit your schedule. So don’t wait — Sign Up today and get ready to learn and earn!